Cultural Movies & Cultural Films

The art of filmmaking has evolved from the commercial cinema to more serious movies that focus on important social subjects. The movies that are generally categorized under this are commonly referred to “Cultural Movies”. These films are meant for effective conveyance of social messages of peace and liberty than simply entertainment.

Cultural Movies are generally not given their due amount of importance as compared to the commercial cinema. Global film links is a step to help filmmakers foray into the world of cultural entertainment. Through this venture filmmakers can showcase their films on the website and promote them on global basis.

Mistaken identity is an integral part of the cultural movies scenario. It was made keeping in mind the sensitive concept of “Effect of September 11 Attacks on Sikh Community in America” by Ms. Amanda Gesine a college student. It is an exemplified work of cultural diversity by intense young generation. She firmly believed that even if the movie was able to save one life the very purpose of making the film would be served. The movie was all about changing the scenario of atrocities being committed of the Sikh community in America after the September 11 attacks.

Keeping in mind her generous and intense thoughts of bringing revolutionary change, Global film links has put up “mistaken identity” on its website. Global film links is basically an organization that promotes cultural diversity through film making. Through this website the filmmakers are invited to showcase their passionate work of cultural art i.e. Cultural Movies. It provides them with an opportunity to sell the DVDs, of their films through the website, put promotional material like news, individual profiles, etc. on the website.

It Is the Open invitation to Filmmakers to join the Hottest Global Film Links spot in the world !!!!!

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