Lego Star Wars Episode 4 To 6 Sets

The Lego Group has so far released a collection of Lego Star Wars sets for each of the Star wars films. The sets Lego have made make a very good job of Star Wars by making the vehicles and characters life like to the scenes they belong to. Lego takes its extremely popular building block toy and uses them to bring to life our favorite film, Star Wars. These Lego set are liked by Star Wars movie followers and Lego fans alike and have made Star Wars Lego the most popular range Lego has. The high demand of these sets have made a few of them very rare Star Wars collectables and subsequently valuable.

Star Wars: A New Hope Lego Sets

The first and original movie is called Star Wars: A New Hope but when I was a kid it came out simply as Star Wars. This movie might be the best and is the base on what most Star Wars Lego sets start on. A New Hope has many sets made by Lego. The most important set Lego made would be the Millennium Falcon based on this movie. The Millenium Falcon had more than 5 thousand bricks and a handful of minifigures, it was also the largest Lego set you could possibly buy. Lego also has two other Millennium Falcon ships though they're much smaller scale and do not hold the cool minifigures.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Lego Sets

The Empire Strikes Back is the fourth movie in the lineage of the Star Wars movies however it's actually the second film that was made by LucasFilms. For movie buffs this is a classic and was a very profitable movie. Even though there are a lot of Lego sets based on this episode, my fav would be Bob Fetts Slave 1, the original is rare including the minifigure. There is also a second version of the Slave I starship, the Slave I 6209, which is a much better build with a few more mini figures and rather more detailed. The Lego range of The Empire Strikes Back has some other good sets – the expensive and hard to find Cloud City and the nice Tie Bomber.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Lego Sets

The Return of the Jedi is the final installation in the series of Starwars movies but was only the third film made by LucasFilms. This classic movie is the last film in the series. Lego has made a terrific range of sets based on this episode with some great sets and rare minifigures. Jabba the Hutt is a good example of this. The Lego series of Jabba The Hutt sets are really good and fairly broad. Any collector would love any or all of the Jabba sets – Jabbas Prize, Jabbas Message and Jabbas Palace.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Lego Sets

The last movie made is an animated one called The Clone Wars. The Lego company actually did a good job making these Clone Wars Lego sets. The Lego Clone Wars sets have some great minifigures like Plo Koon and Aayla. This series has some great sets like the Lego Pirate Tank that is owned by Hondo. What make this nice is that the pirate tank is not seen in any other Star Wars movie.

Star Wars: The Expanded Universe Lego Sets

There are just a couple of sets from Lego in the Expanded Universe series. These are the TIE Crawler, which includes two shadow Troopers, the Rogue Shadow, which includes Darth Vader and Juno Eclipse, and the Imperial Speeder Bike, which includes one Stormtrooper.

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