Senior Fitness Programs

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Individuals of all age groups follow fitness programs. The younger generation follows them to maintain and develop health. However, even older people are making sure that they are not left behind.

Doctors and physicians advise older people to opt for senior fitness programs. These programs are specifically designed to cater to the needs of aging individuals. Exercise has become mandatory for senior people who are suffering from diseases such as osteoporosis or arthritis. These fitness programs offer exercises that are safe for senior citizens to follow.

The main aim of these programs is to improve cardiovascular fitness. They also help to improve strength and flexibility of different muscles and tendons. These programs also help individuals fight chronic diseases. In short, they ensure the overall well being of the individual. Fitness programs are designed after taking into consideration risk factors, doctor’s recommendations and personal interests. Most fitness clubs require a fitness certificate from doctors for senior members.

The program works first from the consultation level where individuals are suggested a program after taking into consideration the medical history of the person. Health risk assessment is also done at this level. The next step is evaluation. Blood pressure, flexibility and strength are monitored during this stage. Individual capacities are assessed and guidelines for the program are set. At the instructional level, the individual is passed through a progressive exercise program that slowly increases in intensity. The sessions include warm-up exercises, followed by aerobic conditioning. The individuals would also be trained in strength training and stabilizing exercises. If a person does not enjoy the exercising, personal fitness programs can be designed.

Research has proved that senior fitness programs have helped people considerably by ensuring an active life during old age. It helps in dealing with chronic ailments such as arthritis that otherwise impair normal activities. It improves stamina and immunity to various diseases. Older people find senior fitness programs beneficial in maintaining weight. They are able to live healthier lives due to these fitness programs.

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