Top 10 Notable Features Of Windows 7

Windows 7 is the successor of Windows Vista. It is an incremental upgradation of Windows line that aimed at recovering downsides of Vista. It was particularly designed for low end market by Microsoft. The OS was intended for netbooks and other PC hardware that need to be sold for the cheapest price possible.

Windows 7 comes with arrays of new features. For Windows 7 support, you can consult a computer repair company. Here we will discuss about top ten features of Windows 7. Have a go.

1. Windows Touch

One of the most revolutionary features of Windows 7 is its multitouch support. When paired with a touchscreen PC, Windows 7 allows you to browse newspaper online or shuffle files and folders using nothing but your fingers. There are supports for common mouse actions such as dragging and right-click, so you don’t need to use mouse separately. For zoom in you just have to place two fingers on the screen of a multitouch compatible PC and spread them apart. Whereas, for right clicking you are required to touch the file with one finger and tap the screen within a second. There are also provisions for Microsoft Earth and an on-screen virtual keyboard.

2. Jump List

This is absolutely a new feature of Windows 7. Jump List directly takes you to the websites, songs, pictures or documents you visit each day. To open a Jump List, just right-click a program button on the Windows 7 taskbar or you can get Jump Lists by clicking the arrow next to the program name on the Start menu.

3. Snap

Now, resize your open windows with the help a feature called Snap. It’s a new way that drags the window to the edges of your screen and thus resizes it. Snap also helps you reading, organizing and comparing windows. You can make your window expand vertically, take up the entire screen, or appear side-by-side with another window thanks to Snap.

4. HomeGroup

You might have faced the situation where you were required to mail docs to another computer situated in the next room so that you get them printed. HomeGroup feature helps you get rid of these hassles. Using this feature, you can easily connect two or more PCs running Windows 7 on your home network and automatically start sharing printers, your media and document libraries with other people in your home. Being password protected HomeGroup also retains your privacy. It’s entirely your decision whether to make the docs shared or let them private. Moreover, with the ‘read only option’ you can make other people only to read your stuff without tampering.

5. Windows Live Essentials

Another interesting feature that Windows 7 includes is Windows Live Essentials. It’s a suite for free programs for your PC running Windows 7. It makes it easy to create and share polished movies, organize your e mail, and many other things.

6. Windows Search

Search option is always crucial when it comes to find a file or folder from unknown location. In Windows 7 you’ll get to see many things like songs, movies, email messages, documents in a cluttered way. To help you find your necessary thing a search box is there. Start typing ‘search box’ in the start menu and a list of relevant files will appear on your PC. Your search can comprise of the name of the file or tags associated with it, even the content of the file. More matches will be found by opening the search result window.

7. Windows Taskbar

To switch between windows, Windows 7 Taskbar will be the most useful feature for you.

8. Pin

Wanna keep all the important docs at your closest reach? Then you should make use of Pin. This feature of Windows 7 makes your PC work the same way you want. The ability to control where your programs should appear on your taskbar is what pinning is all about. For eg. you can pin your program icon to the taskbar, so it’ll remain there all the time until you move it. You can even pin specific documents and web sites to Jump Lists on your taskbar.

9. Remote Media Streaming

Forget those ways of copying your media files from your home PC to your laptop. With Remote Media Streaming in Windows 7, now you can do it at an ease. For Remote Media Streaming, both computers must be compatible with Windows 7.

10. Play To

It’s a completely new feature that comes with Windows 7. Dump music, photos and videos from your desktop to other PCs, TVs on your home network. Just right-click the tracks you want to share, or add them to your Windows Media Player 12 playlist, and click ‘Play To’. So you can listen to and watch your favorite song wherever and whenever you want.

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