How to Optimize a Squeeze Page

When it comes to overall Internet based marketing, promotional and related strategies, the squeeze page actually is of fairly new and more recent origin. Therefore, before you are presented with some vital and crucial information about how you can optimize a squeeze page, it is useful for you to have a better understanding of what a squeeze page is and how it can and should fit into your overall marketing and promotional regimen.

A squeeze page is an Internet marketing tool, a concise promotional piece, that causes a potential client or customer to take action. In most instances, a squeeze page is designed to encourage a potential client or customer to allow his or name and email address to be placed on an opt-in email list.

The squeeze page normally is included within your business enterprise’s website. The copy contained on a squeeze page intentionally is short, sweet and to the point. In addition, it many times explicitly states what precisely will be sent to the potential client or customer by your venture if that individual adds his or her name to your opt in email list.

Of course, one of the important steps that you need to take if you want to ensure that your squeeze page is to prove effective, you need to consumers to that squeeze page. Therefore, you will need to take steps that will optimize your squeeze page in order to ensure that it is of maximum use and value to you and your Internet based business enterprise.

One step that you can take to optimize your squeeze page is to ensure that your squeeze page is keyword enriched. However, you do need to keep in mind that in some instances, keyword enrichment can be of somewhat limited use on a squeeze page. (Of course, just because keyword enrichment of a squeeze page may not be an end all when it comes to drawing traffic to your squeeze page does not mean it should not be undertaken by you.)

The reason that keyword enrichment of a squeeze page in and of itself may not be an “end all” tool for you rests in the fact that by their very nature, squeeze pages are short and slim in regard to content. Therefore, it may not be possible to really develop appropriate keyword ratios to be sufficiently effective.

Beyond keyword enrichment on the squeeze page, you can also use a backlinking campaign to your squeeze page. In other words, you can use backlinks to connect potential customers or clients who will have a natural interest in your products or services directly to your squeeze page. Through this process, you will be in a better position to directly connect these consumers closely with your business enterprise on a more long term and definitive basis.

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