Importance of ERP Implementation in the Education Sector

Embracing technology in the educational institutions greatly helps in reducing the huge pile of time and effort intensive paperwork. The admin employees of a school not only have to deal with printed documents but, also keep proper track of it for future use (inspections or audits). Admission applications, memos, report cards, invoices, bills and fee receipts are some of the documents being processed on daily basis. Considering this issue, manual paperwork processing can become a necessary yet mundane routine, which, will further lead to errors and oversights with time.

Digitising these repetitive tasks will ultimately help employees to shift their focus and work on their core competencies. School ERP implementation will help to boost productivity of the Admin staff, thereby allowing them to do their jobs more efficiently. Following here are some of the features of a school ERP system which, deliver seamless administration.

Material Procurement Management

This feature of ERP implementation helps administrators to deal with the procurement resources for various areas of the school including infrastructure components, lab ingredients and equipment. Staffs can keep track on receipt of good or raise an order easily and can even follow-up the delays promptly. Furthermore, they can manage supplier information by using inventory and material procurement management.

Online Admission Management

Managing student admission across all the classes of the school is surely a hectic task. However, processing the online applications by using an ERP solution will decrease the burden of hectic data entry and paperwork to a great extent. This, in turn will make it easier for the administration staff to work with the applications faster, especially by deploying the pre-set selection criteria. With the admission management attribute, they can capture the details of each student and create a unique ID for analysing and retrieving their comprehensive data in the future.

Human Resource Management

This feature of ERP implementation helps in pay slip generation and payroll processing thereby, offering a scope to follow a systematic and precise approach of preparing and accessing the employee records.

Library Management

Books are a precious asset for the schools and thus, the administration staff must verify that they are kept properly. The Library Management feature helps in handling all the tasks associated to it including indexing the new arrivals, placing the order of books to penalties and fee collection.

Inventory Management

Stock levels and material procurement typically share a direct relation and by using an ERP solution, staffs can make sure that the total quantity of consumable items are capable of meeting the demands. Furthermore, tracking and recording the issues of stationery items on real-time basis will help in replenishing stock by making the orders timely.

With ERP solutions for schools and educational institutions, you can boost the operational efficiency and bring a high level of integration. These solutions will not only help the institutions go paperless but, also cut down the need of labour-intensive work.

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