Best Free Mac Software

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Some of the free Mac software has taken the world of Mac by surprise as their ingenuity and functionality have won many fans. These software have proven their credentials and lived up to their name.

To begin with Quick Silver, single key launch software which creates a catalog of regularly performed tasks and searches. It also assigns shortcut keys to commonly performed tasks and frequently opened applications, files and folders. One can also compare Quick Silver with Spotlight along with Finder and find out that it contains features of both of these applications. Some even claim that Quick Silver works faster than Spotlight and as it is an open source program any one can download it absolutely free of cost.Chatting with friends becomes much easier with Adium which connects to different IM service providers such as MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and Jabber. Adium's all in one user interface allows for tabbed chats in one window, skinned chatting and smooth screen name switching name capabilities. Recently the developers of Adium have introduced a video-chat plug-in which enables Adium to consist of video chatting as well thereby putting it at par with iChat.

Azureus is the most popular P2P client among the Mac users as its Java Script based interface offers maximum versatility to them. Azureus's documentation offers in detail info on maximizing connection speed as well as its customized settings allow users to modify their network settings. Due to an active user community and a rich Wiki, the ever reliable Azureus beats the Bit Torrent and its companions by a fair margin if one believes in trading legal P2P materials.

Trouble having different formats of videos and can not find the right software to play them? Then worry not as VLC Media Player is the solution to all the format problems. It is a cross-platform media player which is famous among the Mac nerds for its versatility.

For those who do not like to use Microsoft Word on their Mac, the Neo Office is the perfect solution as incorporates native OS X features like the spell checking dictionary to enhance the open source Open Office software it is based upon. The Neo Office can run all the files of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point without any hitch.

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