Parents, Get Involved in School Activities

Thomas Jefferson wrote that all men are created equal. But are they? Aren’t birth circumstances very different for many of us? Everyone is not born with the same abilities, nor brought up with the same support structure. However, regardless, everyone should have equal opportunities, right?

So, if we do have an equal opportunity then how do we take advantage of it? The answer my friend is education. Education is the great equalizer! And because education is the great equalizer, we need to encourage our kids to take full advantage of their free public education. One way we can encourage our kids to appreciate education is through us parents being more involved in school activities.

There are lots of ways to be involved in school activities. Being involved shows our kids we are interested in what they are doing in school. Some of us might be able to bring our kids to school and/or pick them, which thus enables us to possibly spend a few minutes chatting with their teachers, coaches, administrators, or whomever else might be present. We could go to back-to-school-night and/or parent-teacher conferences to also show our kids that we value education and want to be involved. In addition, we could go to a few PTO/PTA meetings or even join the PTO/PTA. Furthermore, we could go to our kids’ sporting events, attend the principal’s pasta dinners, school plays, or any other special nights that the school puts on to draw in parents from the community.

The bottom line is that it really doesn’t matter which activity we do. What’s important is that we show our faces in that school building as often as possible so our kids have no doubt in their minds that we value their education.

Now, as my Granddaddy always said, “Go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us.” Be sure to become involved in some kind of school activities. The more you are involved, the better it is for everyone! And once again parents, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do…

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