Use of R4 Cards

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Now days technology has advanced so much that buying a single Nintendo DS can satisfy all your needs for entertainment while on the go. Here now days, it is an obvious choice for the people to have it with them and be on their own while moving on. But there are generally many things that many people do not know now days such as use of R4 cards in it. By using an R4 adapter card, "homebrew" programs can be downloaded onto the software. Here it will allow access a number of different types of media through the DS.

Even one can convert downloaded movies and TV shows into a specific format that works on your DS. So it can be useful to keep up with friends in the latest shows and movies. For the music lovers, mp3 files can be loaded onto the R4 card and can be used to listen to music from the DS, so in the process, eliminates the need to carry a separate mp3 player around whenever you wish to listen to your favorite songs while on the go.

But one needs to know that R4 cards are different and comes in many different shapes and sizes. There are two different Nintendo DS on the market; the first is the original DS model while the other is DS Lite version. Although basically all models of an R4DS card will work on these two styles of console, there have been cases of mismatch in which many R4 cards have not worked out with many DS. Here is always better to consult your vendor in this regard before making any venture into buying it.

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