The Best Types Of Movies To See At A Cinema Brewery

Considering how popular cinema breweries have gotten over the last decade or so, you’ve probably been keenly aware of the changes the movie watching experience has undergone. This isn’t the same old theater you remember, and it’s nice to know that the industry not only took the criticism, but they decided to make it the basis of their revitalization. Here’s the real struggle with the cinema brewery – what’s the best type of movie to actually watch when you are there?

Sure, on the surface, it seems as though it wouldn’t really matter at all. You look over the choices, pick one that looks interesting, and you take your seat. Done. Well, there’s actually a bit more nuance than that. Think for a second that your watching a movie in the same place where you’ll be having food and drink service taking place for you and a score of other people. Will this impact your movie-watching pleasure? Maybe it’ll enhance it. Who knows. The thing to remember is that there are more factors to consider before you hand over payment at the box office.

If you had to pick certain types of movies to see at a cinema brewery, it would probably breakdown a little something like this:

Comedy – Who doesn’t like to have a laugh, right? Comedies are those little gifts we give to ourselves when we’ve had a hard day at work or school. You really just need a release, but you’re avoiding getting into a fight or crying. There’s a reason why TV shows based on silly home movies have been around for decades – laughing makes the world make a little more sense.

Action – Sure, it is amazing that one magazine of ammunition can never run out over the course of a two-hour movie, but so what? Your eyes and ears are barely able to handle the amount of crazy going down on the screen.

Suspense – Here’s where things get a little tricky. This genre usually leans on strong plot details that weave together in an intricate web. The last thing you want to happen is to get a little distracted by activity in the theater. Don’t be alarmed. The staff are well-trained & do what they can to keep things running smoothly, but you may miss something.

Drama – Again, the nuance in the dramatic is what makes the genre so darn juicy! It’s why soap operas, water-cooler chatter, and high-school rumor mills are so addictive. You don’t want to miss something.

Horror – Perhaps the only movie genre greater than a great comedy is a good, old-fashioned scarefest! Feel chills go up and down your spine, you’re digging your nails into the armrest, and all of a sudden, your server is attending to you at your discretion but you’d forgotten about it. No judgement, but you may squeal like a little girl.

When all the cards are on the table, it might seem that comedies, action, and horror are the big winners. This isn’t to say you couldn’t watch whatever you wanted at a cinema brewery. Just remember that you’re watching a movie for entertainment. You’re there to have some fun, so why not save the high art for another time and get lost in the experience?

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