Mystery Shopping – They're Good, Very Good

The manager looked over his sales floor and studied his employees. Which one, he thought to himself, which one? One of them is taking advantage of his retail business and it was costing him money. But what could he do? They were all long term employees. More then anything, he was bothered by the fact that one of his employees was not honest. The thought stuck him, what if more then one was taking advantage of his business?

Enter the Mystery Shopper. The manager had a series of "shops' of his store to try and figure out what was happening. out how his staff was interacting with the customers.

It was a busy season. Lots of people in and out of the store. He almost forgot about the fact that his store was being "shopped." Of course he was not sure it really was. He had kind of kept an eye out for a "shopper" to appear and begin asking questions, going from employee to employee, but nothing like this had ever happened. The "shop" was scheduled for a two month period to be completed at any time. Obviously it had not started yet.

Then it happened. He received a report in the mail that outlined what the Shopping Company had learned. They had already been there! He had no idea. These shoppers were good he thought to himself. They were well trained in operating undercover in various situations. They were well trained. Here he was convinced that they had not been in his store yet, and they had already had there and made their reports. The manager knew that training was the key to success, both in his business, and the Shopping Company who sent shoppers into the field.

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