HTML Basics – 5 Tips to Make Website Design Easy

By learning HTML basics, you can publish content online with link anchor text and embedded images, audio or video with simple code.

If you are an affiliate marketer, having basic HTML skills will allow you to make minor to moderate changes to the code as you publish content to promote a product. Learning how to do update HTML is not very difficult at all.

HTML tags are very easy to understand because they are logical and there is much documentation available both online and offline. If you know how to use a software tool like Microsoft Word, you can learn the basics of HTML, it is really that simple.

As far as resources, you have many cheap and easy references including a wide variety of HTML tutorial websites. With these help sites, HTML is fully explained and demonstrated so that you can learn all of the skills and techniques need to design a website. It is entirely reasonable for somebody with no experience to learn enough HTML to build a web page in a single day.

Video tutorials are also helpful in learning HTML. It is very obvious that video tutorials are instrumental in helping students to learn basic HTML. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a volume of words. With video training you will actually see what steps are required to design a HTML web page leading to website design.

Like most things in life, building a website is a process that can be learned, just as you learned to walk and talk. If you are going to eventually design a website, you will of course need a domain name and web hosting.

One thing to consider is domain name availability. You will have to visit domain registrars and use their search box to check the availability of your target domain name. It is always best that the domain name you purchase is descriptive of the actual website site that you are developing.

Next you will need to acquire a web host to publish your website online. Once you learn how to publish a website online, creating more will not only be easier but also very addictive.

So before you publish your website, a domain name and website hosting is required.

Rest assured that you can learn to write HTML code. One last tip you should consider is a web development editor. There are many available. Some are free, but the more feature packed website editors cost a small amount. You can also use Windows Notepad for writing HTML code. Using a simple text editor like Notepad is probably the best solution because some of the HTML editors add extra tags and other information that may confuse you and complicate your HTML code.

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