Learn Video Game Design and Programming by Attending a Summer Camp

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The industry of video game design is an extraordinarily creative industry and very similar to the Hollywood movie making industry. A diverse group of people with a lot of different skills work together as a team to create a movie, and the same thing happens in the creation of a video game.

The Industry needs, and actively looks for people that are highly creative, great team players, and highly skilled in a variety of disciplines. This is a fact of life in the world of making games and it is a dramatic change from industries that have been around a long time. This is not our father's work world. It is exactly these three components that a summer camp offers a teen. It gives the attendees a creative environment where teamwork is developed and specific computer skills are learned.

If you are considering going to a camp for designing games there are a couple of things you should think about. First of all, the world of game making is very diverse and there are a lot of different programs and applications that can be used, so you have to consider what areas of game making you are interested and then look for a camp that covers that. A good example of what I mean is that you can learn how to design levels, program code, make java games, create 3d models, or any number of other things. There are also quite a few different programs that you could master from 3ds MAX for modeling to FPS Creator for level and game design. And what you want to do in the real of game making will determine which skills and applications you should learn.

So, you should carefully consider what kinds of things about making video games appealing to you and try to find a camp that will fill that requirement. If you are a parent considering sending a teen or child to a camp you should spend time talking with him or her about what is interesting about video games. Chances are good he or she will know more about making games than you do. Your teen may like three-dimensional modeling, graphic design, writing or level design. This is a big factor in whether the camp will be a success or not. It's a matter of fulfilling individual goals and needs.

Your first course of action in looking for a summer camp should be to check with your local University or Community College. Just about every institution like this has summer learning programs for kids and teens. And unless you are already a student there you probably would never learn about the programs being offered so all it takes is a phone call and a request for a brochure. If geographic location is not a big concern for you there are plenty of top grade institutions that offer one week or two week long programs.

Summer camps are a great way to immerse a teen or child in the highly creative world of video game design and programming. It is a great way to get a feel for the career potential in the industry. And as a bonus he or she is actually going to come home from the camp with a real and complete video game that he or she made!

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