Basic Tips to Improve CakePHP Development

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CakePHP developed by Cake Software Foundation is a remarkable open source web framework. This Rapid Application Framework is written in PHP by maintaining the Model View Controller approach. A developer, versatile or amateur, may come across many unpredictable errors while running a PHP program. The response, CakePHP developers get at the time of running an application might not be 100% correct owing to some amendable errors in codes. Designers, whom are serious about faultless coding, rectify it at the root level for getting fine results. Let us look into some steps that can improve your CakePHP development.

Keep the $validate array on

Developing of record files or updating of record files may end with some irritating errors while we work in CakePHP. After the completion of coding, developers go for file validations and then it will start notifying errors. Correcting such errors one by one is a major issue all programmers face with PHP. By keeping the $validate array on while developing or modifying record files save a lot of time in the run time of programs. A programmer can easily spot wrong entries by keeping the validate function on.

Be cautious while managing tables

To manage the tables correctly, designers have to know the basic information about the tables. There are times a developer finds hard to work with tables for a minor fail in getting the basic information. Just add: pr($this->ModelName->schema()) to your codes, and collect all the needed information about the table. Again, many programmers face strange issues when they modify the data in the table. For that they should work according to a predefined format, or delete all the cache files from the list by adding: app/tmp/cache. The steps are too simple to avoid usual issues that occur while dealing with tables.

While creating pages without using models

For adding new static pages quickly, a CakePHP developer need not have to set a dedicated controller and define separate action for each page in codes. CakePHP has an option to reduce this tedious action. The developers can simply develop their views inside the pages folder itself and get the action called for all the pages at the runtime.

Rectify the errors happens with Save()

You have followed all the guidelines rightly mentioned in the CakePHP manual, still you find some errors at the time of saving files. Developers can easily spot it and rectify it by including pr($this->validationErrors) as a command in coding. Still you find the function returns no true values, you can add before Save() command in your app model. The function will definitely return all the errors before saving the files. Both functions are extremely helpful to return errors, and help save() work properly.

Find the lost URLs while paginating

Irregular pagination may cause the losing of additional URLs. It is usual that a programmer looses the ID (60) in a URL like /products/view/60. It is simple to get the details of lost URLs in PHP. A developer has to add a small line of code in the view, such as: $paginator->options(array(‘URL’ =>$this->passedArgs)) to receive the details of lost URLs having no strains.

To create a form in CakePHP

Developing forms in CakePHP is not a simple task for many programmers. Include the codes like echo $form->create(), or echo $form->inputs(), or echo $form->end(), you will not find any more difficulties in creating forms. These three codes enable programmers to develop error-free forms in CakePHP.

CakePHP development services can be boosted with cautious coding process, and here are the basic tips mentioned to do it in the right way.

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