Different Types Of EHR Software

EHR, which is the popular abbreviation for electronic health records, is a kind of software that has been adapted by health professionals worldwide. This newly gained popularity of the healthcare IT services has brought about the need for many types of EHR software that could have been used for various reasons across medical and health fields. This is possible as each of the software possesses various tools and features that help the user access patient information.

EHR- simplifying healthcare:

It is a known fact that health professionals have large numbers of patients to deal with and since, this software must be updated while processing the patient records. The efficiency displayed by this software has created a stir in the medical field, as almost every hospital and clinic is making the plunge from paper records to digital records. This shift has taken the healthcare sphere to another level altogether, as disease management, billing and access medical records is just a click or two away.

Types of EHR software:

1. The first type of Electronic healthcare software system helps manage cases of disease management and can be easily installed onto normal desks, laptops and tablets. This software organizes all the patient information and creates lists that can be customized based on the health professional's need. In simpler words, this convenient software helps segregate the patient records based on common points. This organized storage of information helps aid hospitals and clinics to function more efficiently.

2. The second type of EHR software is commonly used in the medical for billing patients. This software helps the hospital / clinic staff to keep a track of the patients' bills. It can also be connected to a common network across a range of hospitals- to keep a track of the same patient's billing details as one unit. This is extremely useful in the case when the same patient requires visiting multiple hospitals for one ailment or treatment. This gives the doctor ample time to focus more on the patient rather than looking for essential documents.

3. The third useful software is EMR, Electronic medical records . This is yet another type of EHR software that is used by health professionals all across the world. This software is used by professionals for collaboration on medical techniques and procedures. It helps cut down the travel, saving time and serving in the interest of the hospital and the doctors.

EHRs are considered as an asset in the medical field. Hospitals and clinics are making earnest attempts towards embracing technology completely by also getting equipped with mobile healthcare solutions, which is soon catching up just like EHR did.

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