Offshore Software Development Outsourcing Services

In recent times, offshore software development has become the most sought after solution by both SME (small and medium enterprises) and leading industry players. It has become an ultimate means to delegate software projects to an expert offshore service provider, while the company can focus on its core competencies. This model has further enhanced the client businesses and given them highly cost effective solutions.

  The offshore software development companies provide their clients with customized applications across the stages of SDLC (software development lifecycle). They act as partners and work on varied services from internal proposals and budgeting, to project approvals, project delivery, maintenance (including application porting) and quality support. The flexible offshore model allows companies to maximize their ROI (return on investment), reduce operational costs and maintain complete project control. Some of the most sought after solutions an offshore software development company offers:

  • Application development: Studies reveal that most companies actively seek out offshore software development centres for new application development. Custom application development with budgeted and cost effective resources services makes this as a highly sought solution. Technological experts in fields of .Net, Java or PHP programming work closely with their clients to provide them with a customized application.
  • Migration and Porting: An application porting is aimed to create a software application on a new target platform that works just like the original version, but makes itself available to a larger expanded market. Offshore software companies have an expertise with migration of complex applications and deploy them across platforms. Of late the industry has seen a surge in clients who seek to turn their legacy applications to .NET or J2EE. Another segment which is not far behind is the porting of databases from the older MS Access to Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server.
  • Maintenance of existing Software application: One of the benefits of software outsourcing is that the clients can focus on their core competencies. The service providers realize this crucial aspect and provide them with offshore software maintenance. It lets them outsource the routine software maintenance tasks, reduce software maintenance costs significantly and concentrate to the needs of their end customers.
  • QA & Testing: An outsourcing client expects a bug free and quality product. The software vendors have a strong quality assurance approach backed with a SLA (service level agreement) to match to their client’s expectations. Offshore software companies offer a myriad of services such as functional testing, usability testing, compatibility and interoperability testing. Regression and installation testing coupled with Black and White Box testing add up to the range of services on offer. A comprehensive QA test plan is shared with the client to give him a feel of the environment and platforms the software application will be tested on.

Offshore software development and service is a huge pie. There are many players in the industry but only few have a rich experience across all sectors. Industry leaders have a host of technical experts of Java, .NET and PHP, who help their clients to evolve a world class product. A strong QA team adds in value by minimizing the defects and taking the product to the next level.    

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