Developing Your Own Personal Style

Is your personal style casual or are you a fashionista? Wherever do you find yourself along this style spectrum, remember that your personal style is just that: personal. It's a way to express to the world who you are and what's important in your life, maybe even what mood you're in at a moment, without the need to use words. Your personal style speaks volumes about you. Use it to your advantage!

Do not follow fashion to the letter, but pick and choose which fashion trend suits you best: let your own sensibilities guide you – not the ever-changing fashion tendencies. The essence of style lies in your own interpretation of those fashion trends. Put your own spin on it to make it unique only to you. Of course, experimenting with the current trend is not a crime as long as you do not overdo it and lose yourself in it. Fashion victims are never going to be an exemplary of having a great personal style!

Recognize and master your personal style, developing something unique only to you that will serve as the signature of your style: that little something that will make you instantly recognizable among the uniformed crowds, strolling around in their all-like skinny jeans, t-shirts and Uggs boots.

To develop a sense of personal style, keep your eyes and ears open. Allow yourself to be inspired by someone else's great style and incorporate the elements that fit within your own sensibility and lifestyle. Fashion has always been influenced by movies, art and music; or it that the other way round? Whatever the case is, different cultural influences can mold your personal style into something truly unique and corresponding with the times.

Take a page from the style icons from the past. Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy are an eternal source of inspiration. Their iconic looks managed to join the past with the present, and will probably continue to be influencing us long into the future. Do not simply copy them: think about what is it that made them recognizable to their contemporaries and why they're still influencing the masses today. That's a star quality! Steal a bit of that star dust to enhance your own looks.

If the past is not something that would inspire you, head over to the internet to read countless "street fashion" blogs, look over the Pinterest boards and Thumbler posts. Watch what is happening on the streets, in the halls, and in the media.

Between the dictatorship of fashion and the unabashed individualism, you will find your own personal style.

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