Neff Freezer

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There are three Neff freezers available in the matching fridge and freezer range and they are available in two heights: 874mm and 818mm. The twinned fridge and freezer combinations can be built into a unit where the fridge is on top of the freezer or as a single fridge built in at eye level over a standard sized cupboard. All of the matching Neff freezers and fridges are compact appliances, but still offer quite a lot of storage space and are a good option for homes with cosier kitchens.

The G5624 model matches with the K5604 fridge. It is 874mm tall and has a 106 litre capacity. Inclusive features such as the SuperFreeze function, optical and acoustic warning system and the removable magnetic door seal make this appliance quite attractive and the interior houses 1 freezer drawer with a removable pull out berry tray, 4 transparent freezer drawers and individual freezing elements. This particular model has an energy efficiency rating of A, which leads to this Neff model consuming just an average of 208 kWh and an approximate running cost of just £20.80 per year.

The G1524 is available in white, brown and stainless steel and matches with the K1514 fridge. Although this model of Neff freezer has the same energy efficiency rating as the G5624, uses the same average energy amount and costs about the same to run per year, its capacity is smaller at 98 litres. Despite having less capacity though, it does have a couple of different features to the G5624. These include the high temperature warning light to keep control of the freezer’s temperature easily and sliding hinge system so that it can be built in to existing cupboards.

The G4344 model is also built in, but uses the fixed hinge system. This particular Neff freezer matches with the K4316 fridge and is smaller than the other two models at 818mm. What it lacks in height though, it makes up for in capacity. Despite being smaller than the other two it has a useable capacity of 110 litres. This model has a different internal set up to the other two models and has a control panel that incorporates a red warning light and acoustic alarm, an amber SuperFreeze light and a green operating light. Instead of four transparent freezer drawers, this Neff has three, but it does still have the individual freezer elements for each door and the removable magnetic door seals that come with the G5624 and the G1524. The G4344 model also has an energy efficiency rating of A, but costs a bit more to run- not really enough to notice, but on average about 40 pence more than the other two freezers as it consumes around 4 kWh more per year.

The matching fridges and freezers do not have Neff’s FrostFree technology that is available with some of the bigger fridge- freezers, but they are a little bit more versatile and they allow for a bit more choice in their composition and installation than some of the other Neff freezers, but it is always important to consider all of the options available to you before making such a large purchase.

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