Simple Laptop Solutions – 7 Simple Ways to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

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Reduce the brightness of your laptop monitor or screen. – Besides the fact that laptop screens consume a large percentage of your power, the brightness is also bad for your eyes. So make sure you reduce the brightness considerably.

Choose the power saver option in your power options. – In your laptop's power options, you are at liberty to choose the power saver option which conserves your battery power by reducing performance and ensuring longer battery power.

Do not charge battery for more than 8 hours per time. – Charging your battery longer than required reduces the lifespan. Once it indicates battery full, simply remove from power source.

Do not block the air vents – Doing this simply increase the temperature of your battery and it shortens the life of your laptop battery.

Buy a spare battery. – If you have a dead laptop battery, you may have to look for a laptop battery repair. It does not cost you anything to buy a spare battery except the cost of purchase. Having a spare battery will allow for longer life span of both batteries. This will save you from getting to repair your damaged battery.

Remove external devices. – External devices such as iPods, USB flash drives, mobile phones, Wi-Fi devices and Bluetooth all consume power or how do you think they function? Removing them when necessary is important

Use the right battery adapter. – Some people think they can use any battery adapter to charge their laptops. It is not accepted for your laptop, because even if it charges, it's still not the right adapter. If you have a bad laptop power plug / adapter, you may look for a laptop power plug repair or get a replacement.

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