Children's Book Helps Overcome 1st Day School Jitters

Some of the issues that is tempted in advance by parents are;
• What to expect when alone for the first time,
• Fear of the unknown,
• Group bullying,
• 1st time away from Mom and Dad and,
• It's OK that everyone is different.

Pictures are used to introduce Gerri the giraffe that is new to the jungle bedroom from the Land of Fargone. No one has ever heard of Fargone and Gerri feels awkward, has a stutter, is taller, alone and unsure how to fit in. As Gerri meets each of his classmates, a solution slowly evolves. This kid's picture book addresses children's fears and how parents can prepare for this joke of time that is critical for the child.

The parents are busy, have to work, balance the budget and juggle life. It is the common consensus, "I got through the passage from home to school, and my child will have to also …" Educators that see these children transition at school see a different child than the one that arrives home every evening.

A little understanding, and preparation deliveries a totally different minded child. "Children have the ability to embrace and comprehend the future, if we allow them to prepare for it. Kid's picture reading can have a powerful teaching message combined with wonderful characters, vibrantly colored, that engages the child without the essence of preaching. of these criteria of issues burdening a parent whose child is facing first day of school fears is a success for parent and child. "

Award winning author Eric "Carle", of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" says it best, "I believe the passage from home to school is the second big trauma of childhood; the first is, of course, being born."

All their children, kids are told, "You Can Do It!" After they get a little older they are told all the things they can not do. We must be the cheerleaders as parents that encourage our children to Dream Big, Imagine Big, Think Big and Dare to Be Great in the "Land of Anything is Possible."

The Greatest National Treasure any nation has is its' Children's Imagination, because they will make all of our tomorrows possible.

This book has found a way to soften this traumatic transition day into an anticipating growing day through a teaching lesson using animals and light-hearted dialogue that young children can grasp and immediately identify with.

"It's all about the children because they are people too, while promoting good citizenship, honesty, imagination and integrity.

Parents can take the entire free children's book video Fargone for a test drive complete with real animal sounds, narrated by Dr. "Qooz" without having to buy.

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