Computer Worm – What is Computer Worm and How to Safe-Guard Your System

If you have been using a computer for some time now, then you probably have heard about a computer worm. This is a type of "malware" or malware software. These worms have been around for a while now. A computer worm is like a virus because it will attach itself to a file, but unlike a virus, a worm is able to self-replicate and spread through your computer without any help from you. It will not only spread through all of your computer files, but it will also spread through your email too.

It is important to understand that the longer worm places is in your computer, the more disruptions and damage it will be able to do therein. If you purchase anti virus software, you will also be able to protect yourself from a computer worm. While you will get a lot of protection from these anti virus programs, they are not able to provide you with complete protection.

For this reason you will also need to have a good fire wall in place. Then you will be able to keep criminals from getting into your computer in the first place. If you want to get the best protection though you will need to get a computer software protection suite. Of course, even then you are going to make sure that you have the latest updates available in order for you to be really safe.

So, why would anyone want to create such a thing? First of all, it is because these worms are able to bring down systems and networks since they are able to consume a lot of bandwidth and memory. Secondly, it will also be able to tunnel into your system. Once they are able to make their way into your email address book the worm can then be sent to everyone therein.

Keeping above information in view it is important to protect your system and data from dangerous computer worms. Absolutely important to have security software in place and have regular security updates installed on your system. The regular security update will help in stopping worms in penetrating in your system. Having closed the gaps around your system, next thing is being knowledgeable about latest worms and latest security updates available to counter them. The more you are pro-active in defending your system and data, the more you will have less chances of getting attacked by computer worm. Avoid opening unexpected mails, especially with attachments.

By opening these attachments you may be directed to suspected web links, which will enable them to download malicious programs on your system or capture your email contacts. They can also spread worm through your email contact address book. Stakes are high; keep your security plan robust. Starting with good security software, firewall followed by daily security updates. Keep regular backup of your system and avoid going to web sites, which give free stuff. Most of the time these sites will package spyware or adware along with free software. Use filtering tools in your email system to filter spam mails.

There is nothing called hundred percent protection from virus and worms, by applying above procedures you can minimize chances of worm attack on your system.

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