The Importance of Light Colored or Backlit Computer Keyboard

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Not until eyes have problems do people realize how a dark keyboard is troublesome. While many touch type and can easily 'feel' their way through a typing exercise even the most experienced will find a lighter and easier to read keyboard is better. It's probably not something given a lot of weight in the mind of purchasers until they get it home but the choice of a computer should depend on more than just its performance and memory.

As a long time user of computers and typewriters before their invention my fingers generally fly over the keyboard in seconds when typing alone is involved. But the experience of my last laptop with a backlight and easy to read keys is far more appreciated than a recently acquired one from my daughter. Even the amount of energy required to press the keys is important.

Recently a major store that was closing was having a sale and computers were on their customers minds as they seemed to be rushing out the doors. On inspection only one keyboard was white and they quickly sold out of that particular brand. So why do not the manufacturers wake up to the fact that people want easier to read and operate machines.

Aging is devastating to the eyes and cataracts make it almost impossible to tolerate glare. This makes dark colors problematic and many will stop using their computer if such a health issue arises and conflicts with using the machine becomes too great.

It's time, therefore, that people's needs are met by manufacturers of what has become an important part of the lives of many. Young children will also have these needs, especially if they are vision impaired.

My age and work are important to those who are spiritual and writing on a keyboard is the main way my work can be published. The handicap of a dark keyboard is hindering that process if and when I have to use one.

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