Custom Computers Can Save You Money

When the typical consumer begins searching for a new computer, they usually look for the best deal from the largest, name brand super store they can find — but this is the best computer system for your money and will it really do everything you need it to?

If your at the cross roads in your search for a new computer, let me offer you some professional computer advice before you spend your money on a name brand system from the super store down the street. There are several advantages to buying a custom computer from a professional system builder.


If you purchase a system from a professional builder, you can be assured of the quality that goes into building your new computer system. Everything from the parts, to the time spent installing your custom system will be done with extra attention to detail. You can be guaranteed that a custom built computer will do everything you envisioned your computer doing and usually more. All computers from a system builder will offer a guarantee of some sort. Most reputable builders offer a 90 day parts & labor warranty from the date of purchase, on all new custom computer systems.


All the parts purchased for a custom computer are thoroughly reviewed to make sure the components perform as expected or better before they purchased, and extremely installed in the customers new computer. All custom systems are designed, built, tested, packaged, and shipped with a great deal of pride from the builder. This typically goes a long way towards the value of the final product you receive for your money. The old saying you get what you pay for could not be more true. Custom computers are built with you in mind and every little detail is taken into consideration.

Performance & Reliability

Professional system builders will generally test each individual computer more thoroughly. The individual attention applied during the building of a custom computer can assure first rate quality, and reliability not available from typical mass-produced, name brand computers. High quality, custom built computers will typically perform better when running newer applications; and especially when running hi-def games that require a great deal of video processing power. You can be assured that a custom built system can handle any application or game that you throw at them.


Custom computers will save you money in the long run due to the expandability they provide. Name brand computers are designed and sold; such that when technology advances you must live with the old computer or buy a new one. When you own a custom computer you have the option to upgrade only old hardware that needs it, while maintaining any serviceable components; therefore, extending the service life of the computer and all the hardware it uses.


Usability is important because you know your computing routine and needs better than anyone. Custom built systems can be catered to your exact specifications based on your individual computing requirements. You get the savings you deserve by not buying hardware you really do not need, and the performance you want because you helped design it yourself. With a custom built computer system your productivity will increase, and anything you do on the computer will be done with ease.


All electronic devices will eventually fail, and yes that includes computer systems. When the time comes to get repairs performed on your computer, you will find that using "off the shelf" parts as opposed to "proprietary" components, like name brand manufacturers use, means that custom computers can be repaired by just about anyone. The warranty of some prebuilt, name brand computers require repairs to be performed at a particular service location, and with specific parts, which may mean repairs take much longer. The parts for some of these name brands can even become obsoleset after only a few years. This means you would have to buy a new computer if you were unable to get the part to repair it from the manufacturer. Custom computers can be repaired with "off the shelf" parts from hundreds, if not thousands of different vendors. This makes the parts less expensive and more readily available when your computer needs repaired.

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