Wait Wait, There's Something Missing – 8 Fashion Accessories That Will Perfect Your Look

Hands up if you have ever paired together the perfect outfit after hours of clawing through your closet, only to stand in front of the mirror and ask "Hmmm … what's missing here?" It all works (of course it does, you have style) but there's something else that will take you from à la mode to dress to kill.

Well I have discovered the secret … it's accessories! Yes, those little and inexpensive additions that you can just throw on, which are fuss free, but somehow have that magical power to total spice up your outfit. Here's a selection of my top accessories that will have you updating your outfit and accessorizing effortlessly in no time.

1. The statement ring
Small, effective and eye-catching, just some of the reasons why the ring is one of my favorite accessories. A statement ring has been known to transform my LBD from classic to party-ready in a few seconds flat. Oh, and it can show off that perfect manicure you just got! Just remember that when it comes to making a statement with statement jewelery, less is more, so avoid wearing a bracelet on the same arm to maximize the ring's wow factor.

2. Necklaces (in all shapes and sizes!)
Anything that can change the total look and feel of an outfit in one effortless motion always gets my vote! Whether it's a long necklace you wear with a turtle neck, or a chunky metal piece with color for added effect with your favorite round neck top, the necklace is a guaranteed outfit changer. My personal favorites are layering (of course) and wearing a choker over a turtle neck … oh so now … and oh so easy! My golden rule is to make sure no necklace falls in and out of my clothes, after all accessories are there to complement my gorgeous ensemble, not to compete with it.

3. Earrings, the ultimate nod to glamor and class
What's the perfect outfit without the perfect earrings? Earrings have the unique power to totally complement an outfit, your make-up and your hair, all in one go! With an up-do and an evening dress, the bigger and sparklier the better I say! For a more understated day look, I love colored studs or pretty little details, like bows.

4. Matching sets
Match, match and match away I say! Whilst mixing and matching and stacking and layering are fabulous, a matching set can add elegance and give you the air of a chic Parisienne. Sets are perfect for weddings, and ideal to achieve the polished "I pay so much attention to little details" look for that big work meeting.

5. Bracelets and bangles
Stack, stack and stack away! When it comes to bracelets and bangles, mixing and matching metals, colors, fabrics and textures is where it's at. This has got to be the easiest and quickest way to create a unique look. If you do not want the fuss of smaller pieces, or just want something that screams "wow", opt for a statement bracelet or large bangle that catches the eye. Too much for the day? Pop it in your purse and slip it on when you apply your lip gloss on your way out of the office!

6. Brooches (no, they're not just for your Gran or Dot)
What's not to love about a good brooch? Talk about the best multi-tasking accessory out there! Put one on your work shirt for an instant foray in to the fashionable side of an office wardrobe, wear it on your coat to show you have style, even under all those winter layers, and clip it to your bag or scarf to update it , or … add it to your up-do as a hair accessory for something truly innovative.

7. Scarves, the trusty wardrobe essential for all seasons
They keep us warm, and they keep us stylish. No wonder we love this basic accessory in all fabrics, textures, colors, prints and styles. A huge woolly one in this season's hottest color has the power to revamp a black or gray coat, at the fraction of the price of buying a new one, and a skinny silk scarf wrapped around the neck oozes city style and Parisian chic and Italian glamour … all in one! I can not live without my scarf collection … maybe I will buy just a few more (as they are so practical of course).

8. Clutch bags, because I just need space for a lipstick
So what if all you can fit in your glam clutch is lipstick? That's what men's suits are for, to carry all your other essentials! Whether you choose a dainty clutch to carry your evening must-haves, or an oversized one to complement your jeans for a weekend brunch date, this really is a little detail that creates a big (and practical!) Impact.

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