Computer Animation Career and Education Options

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The industry of computer animation is a technology driven field that constantly needs professionals that are up-to-date on the latest techniques and software applications. Students can learn about computer animation career and education options and complete specific educational programs that give them the technical and artistic skills needed to obtain one of several available careers.

Students that enter the industry with degrees have a much higher success rate of obtaining jobs. This highly competitive field offers careers in several areas such as video graphics and special effects. Students often work with video game companies, web design firms, television companies, and more. Possible career options include becoming:

  • Digital Video Production Specialists
  • Computer Animators
  • Graphic Illustrators
  • Animation Consultants

Education is essential as the industry expands to include more complex technologies and animation implementation techniques. Students can expect to work through a rigorous course schedule that prepares them to enter careers directly after graduation. Bachelors and masters degree programs are the most available training options for students interesting in attending computer animation schools and colleges.

A bachelor’s degree program trains students by incorporating technical and artistic courses, which gives them the ability to create 2-D and 3-D animations. The industry is broken down into a variety of indispensable skills that help students during and after the animation process. Courses such as drawing and storyboarding give students the knowledge needed to generate a computer animation. Programs also cover post-production and collaboration once computer animations are in their presentation stage. Students learn to use different aspects of the industry like texturing and lighting to create special effects, animations, and more. Students learn the latest in computer graphics and computer image synthesis through courses that focus on the current trends of the computer animation field. Topics cover geometric transformations, surfaces, dynamics and animation principles. Further education builds on this knowledge by giving students the chance to enter teaching and leadership positions.

Masters degree programs provide students with several concentration areas, which can include 3-D animation and digital imaging. The history and latest techniques of computer animation is focused on within advanced courses that prepare students even more for the profession. Cartooning, color theory, sound design, human-computer interaction, film editing, and photography courses are key topics covered inside training. Topics cover algorithms, production approaches, and digital notation systems used in the animation process. The last year of training is dedicated to developing a professional portfolio. The skill level and ability of students is showcased within their portfolios, which helps them obtain careers after graduation. Within this process students may also complete seminar courses where they work with professionals while studying digital animation.

Educational training is beneficial because it teaches techniques that are directly relatable to the field. Students learn through theory courses and hands-on training, which teaches them to develop animations and make them move inside 2-D and 3-D spaces. The chance to develop strong artistic skills and thrive inside this multimedia industry is available to students. Work through accredited computer animation degree programs that are approved by an agency like the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, Commission on Accreditation ( and become highly sought after professionals inside the field.

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