How Do I Fix My Computer? Discover What Works to Improve Your PC Speed ​​Quickly

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Being patient in fixing your slow PC is easier than being patient in waiting for your PC to process applications and programs. If you want to know the answer to how do I fix my computer it will only take you a few minutes to an hour to fix your slow PC.

Waiting for your PC to process applications and programs may take you hours! If you are having a problem with your slow computer act now so you will not have to wait anymore.

Before figuring out what is the problem with your PC check on the setting of your PC if it is right. There are times that the reason why your PC is slowing down because of the installation of programs and hardware that are not compatible with your computer.

To check the installation of your programs go to control panel then add and remove programs. You can check if all your programs are working properly and at the same time you can delete unused programs which will help you to answer how do I fix my computer.

To check the installation of your hardware go to my computer then right click on the icon then click on properties and click on hardware and finally click on device manager. In this window, you will be able to see if there's any hardware that is not installed correctly. You can also update the drivers of your hardware from here.

After checking these settings check on more files that you do not need. You can do that by uninstalling programs or using the disk clean up tool. Going over your files and folder is also effective. In this way you can check on all of your files and delete useless and old files. After manually deleting your files do not forget to go to the recycle bin and empty it. The content of your recycle bin will still count to your disk space.

The next step to make your PC faster is really simple. But before you can start, make sure that you have a registry cleaner installed. If you already have a registry cleaner run a scan of your hard drive and system. This will detect and fix errors in your registry files for your programs. It will also detect unwanted files that can affect the speed of your PC and doing so will show you how the answer to how do I fix my computer in just a few minutes.

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