Myths About SEO That All Internet Marketers Should Know About

Getting ranked by the search engines is a science which is known as SEO and it has evolved very over the past few years. When something grows to this proportion, there is a lot of false information that appears which you need to know about.

While they appear to be real and can be quite frightening, many of the SEO myths you hear are nothing more than stories. This article will debunk some of these myths.

While there are many things that can help you get a higher search ranking, using a header tag is not one of them. Keeping the myth alive, people still use keywords in their H tag, even though doing so does not increase your ranking.

By running a few tests, you can test out this myth for yourself. For this reason, use of header tags should be kept to a minimum. Without it is a major component to your site design, it is acceptable to not use one.

Search engine optimization is not a way to trick or fool the search engines to get ranked but still many new marketers believe it to be that. What happens when you fool the search engines, though, is that you also wind up tricking the people who find your site through searches.

You want traffic that converts, and this is not likely if people have found your site after being fooled by your description. Real world SEO is all about working on optimizing your content, getting high quality backlinks and basically giving the search engines what they want.

As long as you are using a method that is honest and based on reality, you can use certain tricks to help you. You should be looking at the long term, not trying to get fast and temporary results.

Another fallacy many believe has an important effect on your SERP rankings is the need to frequently update your site. Adding fresh content frequently to your website will lead to spiders visiting your site more often but it will not affect your SERP rank.

So if your site does not really need an update, then do not forcefully make the change just for the search engines. The effect will be so insignificant, it simply is not worth it. All you need to do is conduct a search and you will find that a lot of the sites that rank well in niches that are quite popular have not been updated in quite some time.

The myths we covered, while common, should not make your SEO efforts any harder than they already are. It is vital that you are aware of the facts when you first begin marketing your sites with the search engines so that you do not find yourself wasting time by focusing your efforts in the wrong direction.

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