Mixing Colors in Fashion

Combining colors in your clothes is a great way to be fashionable. IT's also an easy way to get a new look by combining clothes you already have. There are two ways you can get a new look by using the clothes you already have:

  • Layering your clothes
  • Combining different clothes

Layering your clothes is simply by adding different layers on top of each other. This is great to use when the weather changes during the day (a cold morning, but a hot afternoon), but it's also great to look really well dressed without spending a fortune on expensive clothes. You can combine colors with any brand of clothes you have like BCBG, Mexx, Brooks Brothers, Bjorn Borg, Marco polo, Lacoste etc.

But beside using layers you can also have a great look while mixing colors. But do not just mindlessly combine the yellow, blue, red and green clothes you have left in your closet. Looking fashionable requires a strategy. Here are a few tips on getting well dressed by using different colors.

  • One of the easiest tips is to have a look at images of professional designers and use the same color schemes in your own clothing. Sure you do not have the same clothes as the model is wearing, that does not matter. Just have a close look at the colors that are used. You can use the same scheme when you select your clothes.
  • Some colors just do not work with your natural color. For example dark eyes and dark hair go well with the color red. When looking at the pictures of the designers look at the natural color of the model.
  • Use the color wheel to choose your colors.
  • How to use the color wheel
    Google for "color wheel" and you'll get many examples of a color wheel. There are five combinations in the color wheel that you can use to choose your colors:

    • Colors directly next to each other.
    • Colors that form right angles with each other like an "L".
    • Colors directly across from each other.
    • Colors that form a T.
    • Colors that form an X.

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