Inexpensive Hair Extensions

We're not all celebrities, and this means not all of us can afford premium quality products available at exorbitant prices. Many women want longer, thicker locks instead of short, thin strands, but when it comes to cost, there are limited choices. There are lots of types of hair extensions, and obviously the best decision would have to apply top quality hair for top quality results, but sometimes we need a more affordable solution.

Inexpensive hair extensions are available in many places, but you need to find ones that are good enough to style with and that can last long. You also need to consider a few things with a few types of hair extensions, because with some you have to pay for more than just the hair. For example with weaves, glue-in extensions and similar types of extensions that require an extra pair of hands in order to attach, you not only have to pay for the extensions themselves, but also for professional help in getting them bonded or sewn into your natural locks.

Another reason why some extensions are more expensive is the type of hair used. With premium extensions you obtain 100 percent human hair. This hair is divided into three grades: A, B and C. The lower the grade, the lower the quality and the cheaper the extensions. With grade A hair you obviously have to pay more because of the work put into making the extensions. The hair is shaved, boiled and carefully hand selected with the cuticles aligned to produce the finest wefts. If you want cheaper clip in hair extensions, choose B or C grade hair ones, though you have to take into account that the quality will be inferior to that of grade A extensions.

Synthetic hair extensions are more economic than human hair ones since they are made of artificial fibers like polyester, silicone and monofilament. Although much cheaper, the synthetic kind has certain limits when it comes to styling. The artificial hair is heavier than natural hair and can not be colored, heat styled or treated in the same way as human hair.

Clip in hair extensions are the most affordable of the lot and are made with human hair or synthetic hair. You only have to pay for the extensions themselves and you can attach them in the comfort of your own home. Determine your personal styling needs and make your choice!

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