PIC Programming With the Basics – Article 1

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As this is the very first project of our lecture series, we have to cover more fundamentals than the high programming techniques. This is an example project to blink a bulb by using the MicroC compiler. Proteus-7 Software is used to get the out put. We will have more details of them, later.

The opening Window of the MicroC Compiler

Above figure shows the Welcome screen of the software. Its MicroC. For the early projects, we will use MicroC compiler. Afterthat we would be able to change to any other softwares later on.

Let me introduce the later activities in setps. These steps will lead you to a successful project.

Step 1: Go to "project" in the upper bar of the Window. Then go to "New Project".

Step 2: You will be given a dialog box as below. You have to give a name to the project, as well the path of the project. That means where you need to build the projects. Most probably some where in your Hard drive.

Step 3: As well you have to select the device. For this example, select "P16F84A" & clock as 004. 000000. Then select ok.

You will be given a window as below.

Now all your previous stuff has been done. Now you have to do the coding.

Step 4: You have to do the coding of your project. For just now we will do a very simple program, as this is our first example.

This is the program that we have to type in that section.

void main ()


TRISB = 0 × 00;

PORTB = 0 × 00;

while (1)



delay_ms (250);



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