SEO – A Game of Numbers and Strategy

Traditional marketing strategy would capitalize on the usual television commercial, banner ads, holding a social event to promote your new product, print ads and more. However, these ports may be missing one vital ingredient: the internet. Over one billion people have the access to internet. Over one billion target consumers or clients with just the two or three marketing plans- search engine optimization (SEO), pay per clicks and email marketing. Among the three, SEO is the most promising. Why? Because of the following numbers:

It is estimated that around 78% to 84% of all website traffic comes from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Eight out of ten people would use these search tools to gather information, buy something or look for a platform. Furthermore, around 93% of all users do not bother to try and search for what he or she needs on the second page. This is where the importance of being on top of the searches will take effect. Of all the people who searched for something over 60% the internet via the above-mentioned engines would blindly believe on the results. Keyword saturation through search engine optimization now becomes very vital in advancing your product or service to the knowledge of the consumers and potential clients.

The use of SEO will be more realized when your company heavily relays on selling profits and revenues. Because, 41% of most online buyers use search engines for online shopping. There is eBay and Amazon, but for those who are looking for other options or might have been a recent victim of scams in these online auctions stores, would rather search for other viable choices. Another glaring study shows that 72% of buyers who resorted to using search engines will purchase or request for additional information because they are interested of the product or service.

From the first page of the listed results, 42% will click on the top rank, 8% on the second and diminishes at the list goes down. Forty percent of the SEO campaigns revealed that ROI or return of investment can reach up to 500%, while pay per click settles at 22%. This clearly shows that SEO is capitalizing and taking good advantage of a strong marketing tactic that reaches a lot of users, targets potential buyers and exposes the product or service globally.

Search engine optimization is used to accurately target clientele and optimize websites of companies to push their promotion to the top ranks among all other search results. The numbers will tell you how important it is to know where your market is and where to place your services and products in the virtual world. This entails extensive researchers, consultation and strong concept implementation. But reinforcing your marketing team to heavily involve in SEO plans may not be necessary as you can outsource this particular service to good SEO companies available. You just have to ensure that whoever you are partnering with should fully digest the concept and the goal of the organization.

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