5 Things You Should Never Wear Together

You know how important it is to look coupled together nowdays. Regardless of the occasion, you should try to look nice and make the best possible impression. Avoid the fashion mistakes that can ruin your look especially if you prepare for an important interview, for instance. In order to keep yourself out of trouble, try not to wear together the next 5 things:

1. Clothes showing too much skin. If you already wear a micro mini skirt, try not to pair it with a revealing top. This kind of outfit that leaves nothing to the imagination may look cheap and desperate. Try nice classic linen tops in bold colors with a black pencil skirt instead. You will look elegant and sexy at the same time.

2. Sequin pants / jackets with other bold colored, heavy printed items. First of all, if you choose to wear sequin, it should only be on a special occasion. Then, if you have decided to wear a sequin jacket, avoid other printed clothing items that could make the outfit outfit look cheap. Only wear sequin with solid-colored pants / linen tops with simple lines.

3. All over animal print. If you wear a leopard print camisole, you should leave your animal print bag, shoes or pants at home. Do not wear more than one animal print item at once if you do not want to look vulgar. And never even think of wearing leopard and snake skin prints together! It would be an unimaginable fashion faux-pas.

4. Impressive bracelets, earrings and necklaces. If you pile on numerous accessories, you will look ridiculous. It is best to choose either big earrings or a big statement necklace to adorn a simple dress. Even if the accessories look nice separately, bringing them together will make the entire outfit look dull and heavy. Keep in mind that sometimes less is more!

5. Different kinds of denim. Even if some celebrities wear mismatched denim, this look is certainly not for everyone. It looks overload and boring. Try wearing your denim pieces separately for a stylish appearance. Match your denim jacket with linen pants or wear jeggings with linen tops in neutral colors. Add some jewelry and you will look so posh!

As clothes can tell many things about a person, be very careful what you put on and how you wear your clothes! Never forget that fashion is meant to make us beautiful, and not ridiculous.

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