Style on a Budget: Tips for Designer Shopping

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Every fashion trendsetter dreams about clothes, especially designer brands. Why, you may ask? Because trendsetters believe when they purchase designer clothes that they are getting good quality, while some fashionistas are simply looking to copy their favorite celebrity's style. Whether you wear designer brands because of the name, or you want to look like a celebrity, the clothes can be very expensive and can quickly burn a hole in your pocket. However, ordinary people can afford designer brands … you just have to know the right time and place to shop.

Before shopping, know when to draw the line if an item is too expensive. While some designer clothes are worth the high cost, there are some items that should be put back on the shelf. For example, if you find a basic t-shirt at a designer shop, do not buy it because a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans can be bought for a cheaper price online or at your local thrift store. When shopping on a budget, stay with classic pieces rather than the current style trends. Because trends change quickly, it's more efficient on your wallet and wardrobe to buy something you can see yourself wearing wearing a year from now. If you do follow fashionable trends, ask yourself, "Will I be wearing this next year?" If so, consider purchasing the item for a more reasonable price online.

If you are looking for the best deals, go at the end of each season. Normally, season-end clearance sales offer up the best savings. Therefore, the best sales for warmer weather clothes are at the end of August, and early September. Expect major discounts on sweaters and coats before the Christmas holiday. In general, the winter closeout sales get even better the day after Christmas. Usually when Christmas sales do not produce, retailers offer special deals to compensate the loss.

Be mindful of designer pricing, including the amount of fabric and details used. For instance, a turtleneck will cost more than a thin blouse. Also, a plain shirt will cost less than an intricately designed blouse. Make a list of your favorite fashion designers and their collections. Next, look through various fashion magazines to see the different looks available. Remember most designers create a certain look for models and celebrities; therefore you want the clothes to flatter you and your body. Be sure to measure yourself before purchasing designer clothes . Many online stores provide a guide on how to get accurate body measurements, and what style should fit best.

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