Equipping the Modern School – Digital Signage

Technology in schools and classrooms has moved a long way from the slate and chalkboard of a hundred years ago. Many schools are now chock-full of technology that aides the learning process making teaching and studying easier.

Interactive white boards are now commonplace in schools as are computers, the internet and other modern technology.

But the technology required by schools, and for that matter colleges and universities, is required for more than just the education. Communication is vital in these institutes as getting information across to all students their parents and members of staff can be difficult.

With such large populations, schools find disseminating information difficult and most have several different methods of communication: notice boards, Tannoy systems, and the traditional letter home if you need to communicate with parents, and in recent times, email, but all these systems have faults.

Notice boards require somebody to pin up the information and are only useful when people visit the board and read what’s been put up. Email is only effective when and if people check it, while a Tannoy can be disruptive. However, many schools are implementing digital signage as a means of providing information, even utilizing outdoor digital signage, to ensure latecomers and passers-by are made aware of important information or upcoming events.

The advantages for educational establishment in going digital are multiple: Firstly, as content can be uploaded remotely this saves time in delivering the information. With multiple screen son site there is more likelihood of the information being read, and if there are digital outdoor signage screens outside, even those that are running late can be kept up-to-date.

Digital displays are also multipurpose and all sorts of information can be displayed from the latest scores in the gymnasium, to reminders to students. And in times of emergency, digital signage is a great way of disseminating information to all corners of the school, instantly.

Digital signage is helping schools increase their effectiveness at passing information and in doing so making the establishments a more efficient and safer learning environment.

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