Choosing The Right Swimming Pool Pavers Will Greatly Enhance Your Entertainment Area

Outdoor entertainment areas, such as your swimming pool, can be enhanced with the natural look of swimming pool pavers but choosing the right ones to complement your area is very important. There are many sizes and colours to choose from that create a customized look in your outdoor space. The various outdoor tiles can come in concrete or natural stone varieties. They are also available in many shapes, such as square, rectangle round or half round.

The best swimming pool pavers are those that fit their surroundings. If you have a highly manicured lawn and garden area then a natural stone paver will likely work the best. The ability to create many diverse patterns with your pavers is an added advantage. The typical brick pattern or French Pattern surrounding the coping is very popular. Your design may also be placed in a square fashion, like many tile floors. This is a suitable pattern if the property owner wants the pool to be the main focus and for many home owners with a pool, this will be the case.

Adding unique or different patterns, with alternating or similar colours, is a way to add interest to your outdoor space. Circles and half moon shapes can be created in the centre of the design, with a different colour than the pavers on the outside of the design. Any number of other shapes or patterns may be created. For elaborate designs, it is best to put the pattern on paper, before laying your pavers.

There are many considerations for installing your pavers. Tumbled Travertine, Tumbled Limestone and Natural Split Sandstones have a rough surface, so they are great in preventing slips or falls around the water’s edge. Natural stone is very elegant and has been widely used all over the world and especially here in Australia. However, some stone surfaces are not ideal for around the pool and can lead to slipping and falling. Natural limestone is a good choice for outdoor areas near water because it is usually hand sawn, brushed or tumbled and comes with a rougher surface. Remember, one of your top priorities when choosing the right pool pavers is to ensure the area is safe for everyone walking over them as you don’t want to create an unsafe and slippery area.

For saltwater pools, you will need some protection. Limestone, concrete and brick may break down, with repeated exposure to the salt water. It is best to seal them, prior to use. Care must be taken in choosing the right sealer as well. Any pool or stone paver expert can advise which sealants are suitable for use to provide the best protection. Natural stone swimming pool pavers are durable and can withstand many of the outdoor elements, retaining their original colour over many years.

Tumbled stone pavers are those that look as though they just came from the quarry. They are rough in texture, which makes them a good choice around the water. This type of stone is more natural and relaxed for those who want to create more of a retreat.

In Australia, there are several options in swimming pool pavers and natural sandstone is a common choice. If you are on a tight budget then give one of the pool paver suppliers a call and discuss what options might be best in your circumstance. You never know if you don’t ask and they may have a special running that allows you to save 10% to 40% of retail.

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