Trivia Stirring the Realm of Television Entertainment

In this ever so busy world of ours, beating stress has become the need of the hour. Besides television; mobile phones, lap tops, palm tops, tablets, etc. have indeed revolutionized entertainment. Software designers are continually working on innovative ideas to provide such means of pleasurable platforms that suit every individual. Due to time and economical constraints – music, dance, TV series, videos, games, contests and quizzes seem to give quick and transitory respite to people engrossed in their professional or familial domains. With advancing technology, gadgets are well equipped to provide these features at the click of a button.

These means of entertainment have a mass appeal catering to preferences of every age group. While youngsters are fascinated by latest gadgets providing access to games and social networking sites, home-managers prefer watching TV. Though new technology seems to give way to the old making them obsolete with the passage of time, television continues to survive till date as a common means of mass media. Versatility, durability and compatibility are probably some attributes behind the success of the television saga. Nevertheless, credit also goes to those creative heads for coming up with great ideas to captivate viewers through amazing TV programs. As a matter of fact, some TV programs have become legendary and supplemented the importance of this electronic device.

Besides TV series, reality shows, documentaries, live concerts so on and so forth; quizzes and contests have proven to be interesting instruments having a universal appeal. To name a few renowned TV contests – ‘Jeopardy’, ‘American Idol’, ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ etc. have surpassed all geographical barriers to reach nations across the globe in some or the other modified version. With such massive demand coming from the audience and soaring TRPs, many a times the famous programs continue to run for several seasons. These programs cater to aesthetic and affective domains of human understanding.

Quizzes and contests have become a rage as they are not only informative but also improve rhetoric abilities of participants. Not to forget, the huge ‘Prize Money’ is another inducing aspect, which builds hopes in the minds of the aspiring viewers who dream of making it BIG someday. This increases the number of viewership and as a consequence, popularizes the channel as well as the program. And last but not the least, loads of sponsorships and advertisements rolling out voluminous cash into these telecasted programs is expanding the ever increasing horizons of television dynamics.

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