How To Build A To Do List On Your Computer Screen's Desktop

You may have heard it many times to make a to do list on a piece of paper and follow them. This piece of advice though is good and many follow it but it lacks constant visibility and you may forget your items on your to list if you do not focus on it constantly. Add to it, there is a danger of losing your to do list and then the time required to re create it.

One way I found which you can constantly use to remind myself about your goals is to place a to do list on the computer screen's desktop itself. For this you may have to sacrifice beautiful desktop backgrounds but it's worth if you allow your mind to focus on your important activities

So, how do you do it? Well, the following points will get you there.

1 . Choose black as your desktop background

2. On the left side area of ​​your desktop, place all program's shortcut you use. This includes the computer icon; recycle bin, office applications, utilities and all software's that you use.

3. On the right side area of ​​your desktop on top row basically place all important documents on which you're already working. Limit items to four per row and put them regularly as per their nature of urgency.

4. After you complete your important documents placement, leave a double space area as empty. And then, place all the reference material that's helpful to complete your important works. This includes pdf's that you refer to and any special documents.

5. And, on the middle area of ​​your desktop place an image that is more relevant to the goals you're pursuing. Do not 'stretch that image and let it be placed on the middle of the screen.

6. Create files in notepad and name them in accordance with the goals you're pursuing. For example if you have set a goal to clear some professional course. Create a notepad file and name it 'My professional Goal ___' and whenever an idea occurs in relation to it – use that file and load your ideas there.

In today's computer oriented world, many use computers to do virtually everything and the screen which you see many times a day is your desktop screen and it's this area which you have to use to describe your work and use it as a reminder tool. This method of to do list is sure to help you keep track of your work.

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