How to Transfer Files From One Computer to Another

When we replace our old computer with a new one we always look for ways to move the old PC settings to the new system. This is not an easy job and can take hours. We have to copy the folders, files and other data in an external hard drive and then connect that hard drive with the new PC in order to save this data. Most people do not know that to transfer files from one computer to another computer can be done automatically with the sophisticated software technology. Here are given important tips to carry out the automatic process of shifting to a brand new system.

It is very common that people change their systems. Some are not satisfied with their machines while others simply want to upgrade their operating systems. That is a natural process. However, in this movement from one PC to another PC, what becomes the heck of mind is to transfer the old PC files into the new system.

A File Transfer software is an application program designed to move selected files and folders from one computer to another. The role of the user is limited to selecting the directories that contain source files and prescribing the target paths on the new computer where these files should be copied. Then the computer automatically copies these files with the help of PC transfer software.

There are many File Transfer softwares available. This article is a step-by-step tutorial describing the entire procedure using such a software.


1. Download PC Transfer Software.

2. Double click the downloaded file and install the program on your first computer. Restart the computer after completion.

3. Double click software desktop shortcut.

4. The program will open.

5. Close all running programs, if any.

6. Important information and instructions will be shown on your screen.

7. Click Next.

8. You’ll be asked to choose a kind of transfer. There are usually 3 types: Migration, Windows Upgrade Assistant and Image Assistant. Select the Migration option and click Next.

9. Select Old Computer option assuming that you’re going to select the source files from your first computer. Click Next.

10. Select a connection method- Network, Ethernet Cable, File Storage Device or USB Cable. Be sure that it is already plugged/ inserted. Click Next.

11. Click Next when asked for confirmation.

12. The scan process might take a few seconds. Select the programs that you want to transfer and continue with the wizard till its end.

13. When you are done, install a good PC upgrade software on your second computer. Run it through its desktop shortcut.

14. Click Next, accept the given warnings, select Migration option. In Preparing your Computer’s page, select New Computer option.

15. Select your connection method and continue the wizard on your own.

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