Avoiding the SEO Malpractices

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Although so many things have been said about SEO, still so may business website get the advantages out of it. SEO in general can be a very competitive and tricky job, so the success rate can sometimes be truly elusive. It can be tough to determine which among the SEO techniques can truly work for a business, considering the long list of SEO tasks available that can also be constantly changing.

With this, the best thing that a company can do is to simply avoid whatever can make it not work, in order to improve the strategy's success rate.

Here is some of the practices that contribute to the failure of SEO strategies.

  1. Thinking one man can do it – the first part of SEO can be the toughest part, when the business is still starting from scratch. With this, it is definitely not advisable to let just one person do everything, because SEO, as previously mentioned earlier covers a lot of task. The tasks may range from link building, article writing, forum posting, blog commentary, web page analysis, keyword research, among others. If a business really wants to achieve the quality outputs on all aspects, then they should be able to delegate the tasks well.
  2. Pages lacking substantive content – content matters very much for search engines, that is why any website that looks like having lazy content is not attractive for search engines, and that is less likely to be optimized since the linking efforts. A website manager should take the initiative to fill a website with the most relevant content. If it is impossible to accomplish this alone, then content writers are scattered around the globe to help fix this loophole.
  3. Traditional anchor text – these days the using the phrases "Click here" and "See more" may seem enticing because of the sense of mystery or intrigue it creates, but the search engines will not be able to appreciate this sort of scheme. It would be harder for search engines to process what the link is really all about. With that, stop cutting the sentence off. Complete the whole idea in one article, instead.
  4. Quantity over Quality – this is the most common mistake in SEO . Everything is done in exaggeration with the hopes of achieving fast results. However, this can only harm the strategy instead of making it work. Too much links will be interpreted by search engines as spam, which can lead to blocking of the website.

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