SEO Vs Social Media

Just a couple years back, the best marketing tool online is SEO. SEO is still powerful, but businesses are gradually realizing that social media marketing seem to be benefiting them more. The reasons for this lie in the major differences between SEO and social networking.

First of all, SEO is all about automation, whereas social media is all about conversations. The latter focuses on real, honest, and actual conversations. That’s something that cannot be automated. No amount of algorithms can measure the value and depth of real conversations.

Second, SEOs are one-sided, whereas social media marketing is not just about communicating and selling; it’s also about listening to consumers. And when you listen to consumers, you know what to respond. By responding, you also get to build trust between you and your consumers.

Third, social networking is all about sharing. The more you share, open up, and engage, the more you will succeed. On the other hand, SEO is all about keeping your techniques to yourself. This makes SEO far more complicated and competitive, while the other one is comfortable, engaging, and friendly.

SEO is all about the ROI. When you do SEO, there’s no other benefit than increased traffic, which should convert into sales to be considered successful. However, social media is not just about the ROI. The objective is getting more followers and fans who you can broadcast status updates and tweets to for the long haul. The end result is not just your ROI. Every time you engage with a customer, you also build a relationship, which, in the long run, will bring you sustained business rather than a one-time sale. This means that even if you don’t get a sale immediately, you do have an ongoing relationship with your customers, and in the long run, that will count for more.

But these are not to say that SEO is not valuable. It is still important if you want to attain success online. But the presence of social media gives way to a more effective strategy in succeeding online: using SEO and social media together. These two are not meant to compete; they are meant to complement each other.

To maximize the benefits of SEO and social media, hire an agency that offers both types of services and one that can provide a strategy where both SEO and social media marketing are integrated. Choose those that have proven reputation in this field.

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