Top 9 Questions About Screen Projectors

Q) What does an aspect ratio mean?
A) This is the width of your screen divided by its height. An aspect ratio of 16: 9 is the same as 1.78: 1 and an aspect ratio of 4: 3 is the same as 1.33: 1.

Q) What aspect ratio projector screen should I choose?
A) Choose an aspect ratio that corresponds to your projector's application: for NTSC Video choose 4: 3 and for HTDV choose 16: 9.

Q) What is a 1: 1 project screen?
A) This is a square project screen that is typically used with overhead projectors.

Q) What does "Gain" mean?
A) The term Gain is used to measure the reflective quality of the screen surface. Choose a projector screens with higher gain if the brightness of your projector's lamp is not enough for your room.

Q) What size projector screens should I buy?
A) Unfortunately there is not an easy way to answer this question – the size of your screen should be chosen after taking into consideration the resolution and the brightness of your projector, the ambient light in the room, the dimensions of the room, the number of seats and their arrangement, as well as the distance between the screen and the projector.

Q) Do I need white or gray screen?
A) This depends on your particular circumstances, but if you have a reliably new projector and dark home thither room, white screen is probably the better choice. In the case of abundant ambient light that falls directly on the screen, you might opt ​​in for gray screen.

Q) Will roll-up screens develop waves over time?
A Projector screens that are not tab tensioned are likely to develop waves over time, but they are also more affordable.

Q) What screen surface should I choose?
A) This depends on a number of different factors such as ambient light, the projection method, the arrangement of the seats, the brightness of the projector , and the position of the projector among others. Many screen manufacturers have online calculators that will help you choose the best screen surface for your particular circumstances.

Q) How should I clean my projector screens?
A) Refer to the manufacturer's manual since this large depends on the surface material. In most instances dry cloth will remove the dust, but if you have to take care of stains, check the manufacturer's recommendation about the kind of detergent that you can use.

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