Your Home Based Office and Your Computer

Start with the most basic piece of equipment on your computer- your mouse. Whether you have a laptop or desk top model, chances are you spend a lot of time using your mouse. Finding the right mouse can reduce strain on your wrist and prevent carpal tunnel or tired joints and ligaments, which is why it is so important to find the perfect one. Wireless mouses are one of the best ideas for many people. You never have to worry about running out of "cord room", and you can use the mouse on any convenient surface. For laptop users, this means that you can sit as far away from your computer as you need to in order to be comfortable. You should also look for a mouse that is comfortable in your hand- there is no right choice, it just needs to work for you. If you are an experienced user, there are versions that offer extra functions that help you move through websites more quickly, work with media, or allow precision movement for specific operations.

The next thing to consider is evenly simple- your keyboard. Even laptop users can attach an auxiliary keyboard that is more comfortable to use if they so choose. If you log a large number of hours at your computer, having a comfortable keyboard is very important. You have probably seen ergonomic keyboards, which can prevent carpal tunnel and wrist strain. There are also soft silicon versions that are easy to was and often impenetrable, a great idea for people who have messy jobs or who often eat and drink at the computer. Wireless versions are also available, and there are different function buttons that can help you navigate around your computer more easily. Like your mouse, you should find one that is comfortable for you.

A final part of your home office setup that you should look at is your monitor. You may be surprised to find that most computers and laptops support a second screen- which can be very useful to people who have a home based business that requires them to monitor things like financial charts, write product reviews, or simply work with a number of windows at the same time. If you do not need or do not have space for a second monitor in your home office, you may want to consider adding a larger screen to your desktop. Larger screens are not only great for performance, they also let you work with a larger number of windows.

One final note on home office items- the number of computer accessories designed to assist people with disabilities is rapidly growing, meaning that there is no reason you can not have a comfortable home office if you have difficulties with vision, movement, or hearing. Look for home office ideas that will make it easier to use your computer, and you will find that your home based office is a little more pleasant. No matter what you choose to include in your home based office, be sure that it is effective and useful to you. After all, your business describes the best!

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