Product Review: Velvet Table Runners

Every table runner made by Carollee, owner of Designs by Carollee, is made with care and it shows. Each table runner I was able to preview was absolutely beautiful.

One table runner was combinations of navy blue and tie dye blue, which is now sitting on my dining room table. I had mentioned to Carollee our front room was made up of light blue and dark blue decor, and the runner she sent was a perfect match. White tassels at the end give it the perfect touch, as well as the trim in between each section (6 sections in all). It looks absolutely wonderful on our table, and makes the entire room look better.

The other table runner was two shades of a beautiful pink, with similar trim between each section. Each end was added on to with fringe that match the entire runner. This table runner will be used at our craft shows with our candles to add a special touch to our table. It will look wonderful on a table with pure white, natural candles.

Table runners are not the only handmade item available at Designs by Carollee. You will also find velvet evening wraps, chiffon scarves, sweater knits, and more. Custom requests are accepted, and no items is made twice. Each design posted is an original. I highly recommend looking looking often to see what Carollee has to offer.

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