Internet Marketing SEO is Easy to Do

The first thing to do for internet marketing SEO (search engine optimization) is research your keywords. Keywords are the words people type in to find websites about the topic of their interest. If you know which keywords people use to find information like what you offer, you can rise to a top position in search engines.

Keyword Tips

First brainstorm a list of every word that comes to your mind regarding your product or service. Come up with 25-30 words to get you started. When you get started researching the words on your list, you will automatically see other keywords that go along with those you have created. You will need some words to start get you started. As you go along, it will become easier and easier to come up with almost an unlimited list of keywords.

How Many People Search Using Those Keywords Daily?

To find places where you can research your keywords, type in the search bar "free keyword research tools." Include the quotation marks so the web sites that come up will match exactly what you type into the search bar. With your keyword research tool you will find out how many people do look for your type of information, for internet marketing SEO, be sure to use the keywords strategically placed on your web page.

Place Your Keywords Strategically

When you have found keywords that fit your product or service, be sure to place them strategically on your web page about your product or service. Internet marketing is easy to do once you know. Until then, it seems daunting at times!

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