Damaged Smartphones: Fix the Old Or Buy the New?

With any purchase that requires a few hundred dollars or more, such as that of a smartphone, one always hopes that it will not fall in the bathtub or get crushed under the wheel of a car. In the case that a smartphone is broken, there is always the argument of, "Do I get it fixed – should I just buy a brand new one?" Although there are many opinions to this argument, as well as numerous pros and cons for each, the choice is extremely up to the consumer.

Here are some pros and cons to getting your smartphone fixed, as opposed to buying a new device all together:

Overall Cost: A smartphone can run a consumer between one hundred and nine hundred United States dollars. And in today's economy that is a steep investment that a consumer will want to protect. This does not include accessories for that particular phone, that have been purchased to give the phone a personal touch. This is a large investment that most individuals are willing to make; no matter if for personal use, travel or commercial work use. The overall cost of fixing a smartphone is significantly less than that of buying a brand new smartphone and all of the new hookups and accessories. So when it comes to cost and value of opportunity cost, repairing the phone, wins.

Data & Information Transfer & Saving: Not only is the actual smartphone device valuable, but what about all of the data, apps, and other information trapped within the phone? There are individuals who spend hundred dollars of dollars on the purchase of third-party applications and games for their smartphone. What if all of this information was lost with the damage of a smartphone? A calendar with important dates and meeting times, downloaded music and more, all down the drain? – No thank you.

When repairing a smartphone, it is often the case that some, if not all of the data on the phone can be transferred to a new phone, or found within the repaired smartphone itself. In this case, all of that valuable data being retrieved is worth that of fixing your smartphone. In the case that the data can not be fixed or found, the overall cost needs to again be re-examined. Although, initially taking a smartphone to a repair professional will assist with the decision to either fix and retrieve data or purchase new and cut your losses.

There are many reasons in which a smartphone owner should reflect on the purchase of a new phone or the repair of a current phone, when their smartphone is damaged or broken. As a consumer, requiring iPhone repair never comes as a positive thought, although repairing a smartphone does have its long list of pros. Again, it is extremely up to the consumer as to which road to take. Although the ultimate road is to never break, damage, or drop your smartphone, all together. But in today's busy world, it seems to be the case that it is not a matter of 'if', but instead of matter of 'when'.

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