All About Laptop Memory

There are lots of people who always endeavor to upgrade memory in a laptop to enhance its effectiveness. In desktop systems, you are usually presented with three or four slots for memory modules but that is not the case with laptops as they only come with two slots.

Usually, laptops do not use SIMM and DIMM memory which is used in non portable machines. When you will delve more into the details, you will find that following are the basic types of memory used in laptops;

o 72 pin SODimm
o 144 Pin SODimm

These are the basic types but some other types are also there for people to choose from. But, when it comes to buying laptop memory, you have to keep few important things in mind without which you can not make a right decision. One of the important things is mentioned below.

How much memory is enough for your laptop?

If you are interested in upgrading laptop memory, you must determine your needs. Without knowing what you will be doing on your laptop, it is not possible to know the amount of memory you need. For instance, you have to consider the type of software you want to use on your laptop. This can be judged by checking the minimum and recommended requirements of running some software on your laptop. Find the minimum requirement and buy a RAM with slightly higher capacity.

Although different people can have different requirements but following points will help you in all situations.

o If you are interested in using your laptop for basic functions, 128 MB of RAM is enough.

o For Word Processing, it is better to have a RAM between the range of 128MB and 256MB.

o If your laptop use also includes the internet use, you will have to upgrade your memory to 384MB.

o In case you want to use your laptop for music or gamming with heaving graphics, you need to upgrade your laptop memory to 512MB or more.

These points should be kept in mind at the time of shopping. Although these limits are based on generalized computing tasks but you will still be able to make a better decision after taking these points into consideration.

Here, it is also critical to mention that there are some laptops in which you can upgrade memory only to a specific extent. It is due to the limitations that you have to check maximum capacity of your laptop before actually visiting an online store to place your order. So, keep these things in mind and you will become able to get the best value for your hard earned money.

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