How to Select The Best School for Your Child

Choosing the right school is an important decision for a parent and for a child. Making the correct decision will ensure your children lifelong learning and possibly bright futures. So do a thorough research before you enroll your children in a school you deem fit. Here are a few tips to help you select the right school.

The rapport between the child and teacher is crucial

The connection between the child and the teacher is very important. Your child is usually surrounded by loving people at home like parents, grandparents, older siblings, cousins or a caretaker. So it is important to look for a preschool teacher who loves and understands each child’s individual needs. The best thing to do is engage in a conversation with the prospective teacher. As you converse with her or him, evaluate them. See if they will be able to talk about a student’s strengths and areas of improvement.

Reading habits

A good school inculcates good reading habits in children. This is especially required in the early formative years of a child. Hence look for books that are used. See if the school has a good library and if there is some time allotted for reading in the children’s daily study schedule. Check if the teachers set aside time for reading and storytelling.

Physical activities

All children need breaks. This applies to adults too. Check if the school has ample space for playgrounds and for other physical activities. Studies have shown that breaks for some physical activity like aerobics help in increasing cognitive functioning. A half an hour break or more helps in reinvigorating stressed minds of children.

Hence a recess is essential.

Math exposure

Math is an important subject. Your children should be made familiar with math concepts. It is not wise to wait to teach math until children are older. Teachers in preschool should discuss basic math concepts with students like greater than, lesser than, smaller, bigger, etc. Look out for teachers who are enthusiastic about math. You do not require a teacher who is scared of math or dislikes it. As a parent, you can follow up on math when your children come home.

Look beyond teachers

Teachers play an important role in a child’s life. There is no doubt about it. It is good to look for schools that provide teachers with mentors. They will be able to provide the much necessary guidance to children.

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