Free Web Software to Help Your Business Grow

Your business website has been up for quite a year but you didn’t see any increase in revenue or sales. In other words, it just remained as it is prior to starting up a website for your business. What you must do is to use some free web software that will improve the growth or progress of your business through improvement of your website. Here’s a list of some free web software that you can use to do this:

Website Analyst Tools

Not only is a website analyst tool is so easy to add to your website but it’s also free web software. It provides comprehensive statistic about your website such as top search queries, diagnostics, internal and external links and a couple of other helpful tools to analyze your website.

Website evaluator

Another free web software is a website evaluator because it analyzes your website’s traffic, social popularity, competitor site analysis and keyword ranking. You’ll provide your company’s website and a few links of your competitor’s websites after that you’ll be graded according to how optimized your website and how well it does compared to the websites of your competitors.


If you’re having trouble organizing help information and FAQs in your website, you can use wikis available in the internet. It allows companies to apply SSL encryption, customize privacy settings, assign roles, interact in wiki-specific forums and map wiki to existing domain. This will surely help your interaction with your customers and get their feedbacks, which in return will help you strategize plans to improve your business by addressing their needs.

CRM online

Some websites offer online Customer Relationship Management software for your sales people. It enables sales people to manage their sales and marketing opportunities. It also allows managers to check the performance of their sales people and how they are leading the way towards your target sales and revenues. It also has analytic tools to help your sales people to put perspective of their sales and marketing data.

Online appointment scheduler

Do you want to save money on reception staff? Then you should use an online appointment scheduler. It provides a convenient way for your customers to schedule an appointment with you or your sales people. It stores appointments for staffers and it can schedule gaps automatically between appointments. It can also send reminders via email and SMS and prevents short-notice bookings by enforcing minimum lead times when scheduling an appointment.

Website creator

If you want to use a website creator other than the standalone application you have, you can try using online website creators. These website creators can be used by those with zero programming skills and experience. Users have the ability to upload and share documents, create a couple of email addresses, and have a document, contact and project manager at hand.

There are some other online software products that can help you improve your business. It is important to note that most of them can replace the processes that are currently being done manually in your business, which is a good thing.

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