Why Is My Computer Running Slow? How To Speed Up A Slow Running Computer Yourself

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One of the most common phrases a computer owner can ask themselves is “Why is my computer running slow?” It’s a problem that plagues almost every computer user at one time or another. Left untreated it can go from mildly annoying to right out nerve wracking as you sit there, looking at your screen as you watch the hour glass spin. Then if things have gotten really bad you may even have your computer crash on you. The next thing you see is a blue screen with a lot of confusing information on it. In almost every case, these problems. The slow computer speeds and even the crashing can be prevented by following these steps.

There are several reasons that could be causing all of these problems on your computer.

#1 Malware, spyware or virus infection. As long as you perform regular scans with an up to date security software your chances of having any long term effects from these malicious programs is slim at best. In fact most PC security software these days is constantly scanning your computer in the background, preventing anything from slipping through the cracks.

#2 Poor hard drive maintenance. Unless you keep the files on your hard drive organized by backing up files you don’t use all the time, getting rid of programs you no longer use and organizing the files left on your hard drive searches for data on your computer could take significantly longer and eventually file corruption can occur as links between files are lost. This is one way to find an answer to why is my computer running slow.

#3 System resource hogs. Some programs that start up when your computer comes up require a lot of available system resources. You can free them up by either deleting programs you no longer use or removing programs from startup so that they only come up when you want them to, not when the computer starts up. You can do this by removing them from the startup folder or running a system and registry optimizer you can download.

#4 In most cases the one issue that is causing you the most headaches on a slow computer is the registry. A computers registry is vital for helping the PC to quickly locate files and settings on the hard drive. So when there are errors in the registry, your PC has no idea where on the hard drive to find the files it is looking for. In worst case scenario’s it can even cause your computer to act erratically and crash.

As bad as it sounds, the truth is that registry problems are easier to clean up then you can imagine in most cases. All you require is the right software and with just a few mouse clicks, all of the errors you have can be fixed. You might even be surprised the first time you run the software that you see several hundred issues. You can fix this by downloading and running a system and registry scanner to do this for you.

So do you and your computer a favor. keep it clean, organized and keep the registry running at peak performance and you will not have to deal with slow computer issues in the future and you will not be asking why is my computer running slow. Scan you computer now and optimize it to run faster.

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