Military Fitness

Military fitness is hard, physical and very disciplined. Its aim is to push people to their physical and mental limit to see what sort of character they are and to see them under pressure. At the end of basic training of military fitness trainees should have the necessary skills to work under extreme pressure and have the fitness to carry out their duties.

Army fitness, royal marine fitness and any other force tend to go down the lines of using their own body weight and lots of circuit training workout routines in the gym or outdoors.

The workout routines usually consist of exercises like – press ups, sit ups, lunges, pull ups and shuttle runs. If you look at some typical workout routines for military fitness you will see a pattern of how they use different exercises to work different areas of the body.

For example –

Arms, Chest, Shoulders they would choose exercises such as – press ups or pull ups as theses work most parts of the body.

Stomach and Core they would use exercises such as – sit ups, crunches, leg raises or hanging leg raises.

Legs they would look at squats, lunges or step ups.

Overall Fitness they would use short shuttle runs to push you even more.

A typical workout routines could look like this –

Arms/Chest/Shoulders – press ups

close arm press

tri dips 10 reps of each exercise

incline press


pull ups

Stomach – sit ups

sit up twist

crunchies 20 reps of each exercise

leg raises

hanging leg raises

cycling twists

Legs – squats


step ups 20 reps of each exercise

pistol squats

duck walk

squat jumps

In between each exercise do a 50m shuttle runs (25m out 25m back) and do one after the other starting from arms through to legs to you complete a total of 18 exercises. Rest for 2 minutes and do it all again.

If you were crap, which 99.9% of the time you were you would either go on the ropes or you’d be on your knees doing more press ups.

These are great workout routines for losing weight, toning up and great for flexibility. There were guys and girls who were on the border with their weight joining who lost a fair bit of it over the space of 4 weeks and you could see muscle coming through, so why not try some military fitness.

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